Photographing a wedding on the island of Malta

Photographing a wedding on the island of Malta

In April I was asked to photograph a wedding in Malta, and more precisely in the marvelous island of Gozo. The Island of Gozo has kept its authentic flair, and despite being just 15Km long it is rich of impressive locations, making it a paradise for the photographer. There you can find a medieval citadel, nicely decorated villas with swimming pools, beaches with crystal clear water or impressive cliffs. And if you add a beautiful weather and a spontaneous couple, all the ingredients are there to make memorable pictures, which we did ;-). So here is my selection of pics :

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Practicing Studio Lighting with a Mannequin

Practicing Studio lighting with a Mannequin

The usage of studio lights is a complex craft that requires to choose among many variables. Those are for instance the direction, distance, softness, ratios, shapes, colors and numbers of light sources. Because there are so many parameters, it takes time to learn the craft.

One of the most efficient way to learn it is to practice with a mannequin. In this article I give you some advice and show you a concrete example of what I have learned thanks to a mannequin. Some people may think you are a weirdo, just pay little attention and keep learning the craft of lighting with your mannequin 😉

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A Bachelorette Party Mugshot

A Bachelorette Party Mugshot

When it come to providing the service of a photo booth, it is as much about delivering entertainment than delivering pictures. Clients value the pictures essentially based on the emotion that they had on the moment. If it was boring, even perfectly crafted pictures will not move them. This is even more true when it comes to a Bachelorette Party Photo Booth.

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Composition – Creating many photographs with different crops of an original

Composition – Creating many photographs with different crops of an original

Some of your photographs have the potential to look interesting with many different crops. Of course cropping reduces the resolution of your image, makes the noise more visible and reduce sharpness so you have to judge for yourself how much your are willing to crop.

For this article, I made an experiment with a photograph that I took of the singer songwriter Doctor Robert. There you can see how many variations are possible from a single image, and I invite you to experiment the same with your images. Example of creating many photographs with different crops of an original

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2016-01-30 – Photographs from the Pin-Up Days

Photographs from the Pin-Up Days

The Pin-Up Days are photography events that bring together models, photographers, MUA and hairdressers in the Netherlands. The event is free of charge and is remarkably organized by the model Kim Deferm, and everyone contributes on TFP basis. The first events were focused on the Pin-Up theme, but they are now getting more diverse, with for instance candy or film noir themes.

A typical Pin-Up Day gathers about 5 photographers, 5 models, and 3 MUA/hairdressers, and lasts from 10am till 6pm. Some clothes, accessories, and props are provided by the organizer or participants, and even the photographers do not mind to share their equipment. It all goes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where friends are welcome to join. If you are curious about it, I invite you to visit the facebook page of Pin-Up Days where you can see more pics and also the behind the scene.

The picture below features the model Aarti Karmemich, whose make-up is done by Vanessa Jo.

Model : Aarti Karmemich – MUA/hairstyle : Vanessa Jo – Organization : Kim Deferm

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2016-01-25 – How to order Paul C. Buff equipment from Europe ?

How to order Paul C. Buff equipment from Europe ?

If you are a photographer living in the USA you certainly know about Paul C. Buff, but here in Europe most of my photographers friends have never heard about it.

Paul C. Buff does not have any dealer or distributor in Europe (neither in the USA actually), but it is still possible to place them an order from Europe. It is somewhat more complicated and will cost you about 50% extra due to shipping and custom taxes. This is what I going to explain in details in this article, based on my experience of being a customer of Buff in Europe.

The Buff’s high end flash unit, the Einstein E640

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2015-12-05 – Photographing “Music with Strangers” Live at Popei

Photographing “Music with Strangers” Live at Popei

Music with Strangers” is a collective of amateurs, yet serious, musicians from Eindhoven. They meet every week to rehearse and teach each other music. The various bands that emerge from the collective regularly play in the cafes of Eindhoven , and twice a year they host a big concert on the stage of the Popei music hall. The venue has a professional lighting equipment and smoke machines, which makes it easy to capture colorful and moody shoots. So here a selection of pictures from their live concert, the pictures are pretty much straight out the camera. The complete photo album is published on my Flickr photostream

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2015-10-31 – Halloween Photobooth at CocktailBar Mundial

Halloween Photobooth at CocktailBar Mundial

Our last event in collaboration with friend Sahare Studios was another photobooth at the Cocktailbar Mundial for their special Halloween party.

For this theme we have chosen to realize low-key images, using a black background and a lighting with high contrast for a dramatic effect. Many people came with make-up and costumes, and we could use the shishas in place of smoke machines! In post processing I added textures to the backgrounds and a color grading to the shadows, and here it is, all the pictures can be found on their facebook page, and here is my selection :

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Pictures from Pop In the City In Brussels

Pictures from Pop In the City In Brussels

On Saturday September 26th happened the biggest ever edition of Pop in the City, the urban adventure race for women in Europe, gathering almost 700 participants.

It was a good fun to run along the participants from down to dusk and to discover with them the hidden gems of the European capital. The highlight of the day was certainly to photograph them going down a zip-line from the roof of a Basilica from a height of 50 meters.

The pictures from the all photographers can be seen on the official Flickr of Pop in the City, and and a small selection of mine in my portfolio.

2015-09-26 – Pop in Bruxelles

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Photographs from the Holi Fusion Festival in Maastricht

Photographs from the Holi Fusion Festival in Maastricht – September 12th 2015

This was my 3rd and last Holi Fusion Festival of the summer, this time in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The few drops of rain did not prevent the dutch people to enjoy the party and the event was once again a big success !

I have uploaded a selection of the best pics on this website, and you can also view the full album with many more portraits on my Flickr page

Holi Fusion Festival Maastricht 2015, September 12th

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