A Bachelorette Party Mugshot

When it come to providing the service of a photobooth, it is as much about delivering entertainment than delivering pictures. Clients will value the pictures essentially based on the emotion that they had on the moment. If it was boring, even perfectly crafted pictures will not move them.


A bachelorette party mugshot

Here are my advice for a successful bachelor party photo booth, they are mostly just common sense :

  • Play some uplifting music that the ladies will enjoy, even if that means you have to listen to Justin Bieber.
  • Provide the ladies with a list of “crimes” for the mugshot, to give them the inspiration to start with.
  • If you need to change your studio setup in the middle of the photo shoot, do it quickly to not kill the mood.
  • Deliver some pictures in the same evening so that your clients can already share them on their social networks. And as always with event photography, deliver all your pictures within a couple of days, when your client still remember the emotions of the event. The later your pictures are delivered, the less relevant for your client.
  • Given that you want to deliver pictures quickly, minimize your editing time. Meaning get as much as possible done right in the camera. Do not let yourself think that you will Photoshop your mistakes later.
  • Give your clients many options when it comes to props, background or style of pictures.
  • If you have to prioritize, it is more important to deliver fun than technically perfect pictures, so relax and have fun yourself.





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