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Practicing Studio Lighting with a Mannequin

Practicing Studio lighting with a Mannequin

The usage of studio lights is a complex craft that requires to choose among many variables. Those are for instance the direction, distance, softness, ratios, shapes, colors and numbers of light sources. Because there are so many parameters, it takes time to learn the craft.

One of the most efficient way to learn it is to practice with a mannequin. In this article I give you some advice and show you a concrete example of what I have learned thanks to a mannequin.

http://www.damienfournier.co Some people may think you are a weirdo, just pay little attention and keep learning the craft of lighting with your mannequin 😉

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2016-01-25 – How to order Paul C. Buff equipment from Europe ?

How to order Paul C. Buff equipment from Europe ?

If you are a photographer living in the USA you certainly know about Paul C. Buff, but here in Europe most of my photographers friends have never heard about it.

Paul C. Buff does not have any dealer or distributor in Europe (neither in the USA actually), but it is still possible to place them an order from Europe. It is somewhat more complicated and will cost you about 50% extra due to shipping and custom taxes. This is what I going to explain in details in this article, based on my experience of being a customer of Buff in Europe.

The Buff’s high end flash unit, the Einstein E640

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