Links related to photography technique
capture_wikipedia Wikipedia is a reliable source of information in general, the article on Depth of Field provides the formulas to calculate DoF.
logo_cambridge_in_colour A nice looking and comprehensive website to learn the basics of digital photography.
 logo_luminous_landscape The luminous landscape provides accurate and educated information on photography technique.
Links to friends blogs and websites
Capture_cindy_dukino The Art of Cindy Dukino, artist and teacher. Drawing, painting, sculpting, miniatures, jewelry, 3D, and all sorts of handcrafting.
Capture_alice_beauty_blog Alice’s Beauty Madness, plenty of tips, product reviews and information from an aspiring make up artist
Capture_ludovico_verducci_cropped The blog of photographer Ludovico Verducci, about travel, landscape, large format photography, and more…
Capture_cassie_jones The website of photographer Cassie Jones,  about food, travel and portrait photography.
Capture_sahare_photography_cropped The website of Sahare Photography and Studios : fashion, commercial and wedding photography

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