September 17, 2014

Photographing “Pop In Porto”

On Saturday September 13th happened the 5th edition of Pop in the City, the urban adventure race for women in Europe. This time it was taking place in Porto (Portugal) and besides visiting the city it was fun to be part of it as a photographer. The event started at 8am in the morning fog of the Rio Douro and ended at night on a private sand beach resort. Demanding, but rewarding…

During the event I had the chance to photograph the participants rappelling from the roof of a 70m tower, to visit the kitchen of a Portuguese restaurant cooking “Francesinha”, and to take wonderful portraits in front of the sunset at the beach. Oh and of course,  hundreds of smiling faces…

The pictures from the 3 photographers can be seen on the official Flickr of Pop in the City, and and a small selection of mine in my portfolio.

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